Your Resolution Was to Make This Your Breakthrough Year in Real Estate Investing but…

OK, you just made a resolution to have your best year ever in 2012.  Then why, like most people, did you take the first working day off?  It should of at least been a day of study and planning.  Resolution is from the Latin word resolutus and means “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.”

If you are really committed to having your best year ever, you will need to develop some new habits.  You can’t be like everybody else anymore.

These new habits will mean that you have to do things differently if you want to break out of the rut you’re in.  (Somebody in Texas once told me that a rut is just a grave with the ends kicked out.)

Lots of people live like they are in the grave but they just haven’t reached the end yet.  They are stuck in the belief that ‘this’ is as good as it gets.

Sometimes when you are cruising down this road called life you don’t even notice that you are driving into some deep mud.  Then before you know it you’re stuck.  The excess “baggage” you piled on the car didn’t help – it just weighed you down more.  It’s very hard to pull yourself out and usually the only way to get out is to get help.

The problem is that we tend to not ask for help for some strange reason.  Maybe you think asking for help is a sign of weakness or that you’re stupid.  Imagine if your child came to you for help – would you think they were weak or stupid?  Of course not.

I think asking for help shows you are smart enough to admit you don’t know something that you want to learn.  Think about why top performing athletes have coaches or successful business people have advisors.  They realize they don’t know everything and are always striving to become even better.  So, asking for help and guidance is actually a sign of intelligence and strength.

Maybe you need a coach or mentor to help you get unstuck and really achieve your goals and live the life you dream of.  You can turn your dream into reality.  Will you take action this year or just make another resolution in 2013?

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