Have You Spent Thousands on Seminars, Buying Courses and CD’s,

and even have the Super Secret Bulletproof Forms?

But Still Haven’t Bought a House?

You are not alone! Everyday I meet people that have spent thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to buy courses and go to seminars but still haven’t been able to take action and actually buy a house.  Maybe you’re one of them.  Maybe you haven’t even looked for a house yet.

The ‘gurus’ always make it sound easy – you know, the “done for you” method.  If all that was true why haven’t you bought a house?

What’s holding you back?

The ‘gurus’ have good information but that information usually puts the cart before the horse.

There is something the ‘gurus’ aren’t telling you.

It is the most important ingredient to your success.

Without this fundamental knowledge you will have trouble getting started.  If you are able to actually get started, you will probably flounder and struggle to reach the success you dream of and deserve.  I believe that there is greatness within all of us and we can all achieve it.  If we have the right information and coaching.  Even the most successful people have coaches to help them see things from a different prospective.

Your parents never expected you to just learn by yourself; they taught you.  You had a teacher in school, right?  They didn’t just give you some books and expect you to learn without a teacher.  We never learn in a vacuum!

We have always had teachers, coaches or people at work teaching us the new job.  Why?  Because having a coach/mentor helps you to formulate your thoughts, organize your ideas, in short, clarify any vague and ill  defined ideas that may then be used as tools to help you actualize your efforts to succeed.  That’s how we learn most effectively.

It is imperative that you have someone with the experience you need to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses and what you want to accomplish in detail.

The question is, how do we figure out what we want and how to get there?

This is where I can help you.

At 46 years old, I was just divorced, totally depressed and dejected, living in my friend’s office.  I owned a business that I hated and ended up with only $300 in the bank. One night I sat alone in that office wondering how to make my dream of real estate investing a reality.  A  friend of mine who knew my situation happened to call me and shared with me the system he used to create his success.  So I took lots of notes and started applying what he told me.  After all, I had nothing to lose at that point.

Within 1 month I had done my first deal and made $6,300!

In 3 years, I owned over $5 million in real estate and was living in my childhood dream home on 5 acres with a house of over 7,000 sq ft.  I then met the woman of my dreams and we were married 2 years later.  I figured out exactly what I wanted and took action!

My real estate portfolio consisted of mostly single family homes but also included an RV Park and a commercial building of over 26,000 sq ft.

I am just a regular guy with only a high school education and no special magic powers.  But it worked for me!

I  have the answer you are looking for.

Frustrated with your current situation, looking for more and want to be a real estate investor?  Maybe you’ve always thought of becoming a full or part time investor but didn’t know where to start.

What holds back 97% of people who never take action or try and then fail?

It’s all about how you start.  Unless you learn to build a solid foundation, your business will fail.  Imagine taking hours and hours to build a beautiful sand castle only to watch helplessly as it’s washed away by the tide.  Once you learn how to build a solid foundation and understand the secrets to building a solid business, you can build it to whatever level of success you choose.

Working with a mentor/coach may or may not be for you, but you owe it to yourself to check it out.  What if, you just learned what the missing pieces were that have been holding you back?  Imagine what kind of life you could live!

There is no “done for you” in life – you will have to put forth effort.  It’s sort of like a plane taking off; it takes maximum power to takeoff and get to cruising altitude. Once you get to cruising altitude, then you can cut back on the power and enjoy the ride.

The important thing is that you have focused effort so you are not wasting time chasing the elusive shiny objects.

Shiny objects will only lead you down a path of broken promises and dreams.

We are in the greatest time of our lives to buy real estate.

We are in the greatest time of our lives to buy real estate and hold for long term cash flow and appreciation.  Imagine how you will feel after buying your first investment property that you will hold long term and that will be paid off by retirement.  Imagine how you’ll feel after buying 5 investment properties.  Knowing you will have a solid income coming in that will keep pace with inflation for the rest of your life.  Now, what if you bought 10?  20?

Most people follow the crowd and only think its time to buy when everyone else is buying.  If you know people, like I do, that were buying at the top of the market, they took a beating and probably lost the property by now.  Don’t be like them.

Learn to buy with little or no money,  how to get 0% interest loans and have no competition when you buy at below market rates.

There is no investment greater than real estate.  You can get into it for no money and have someone else (the tenants) pay the property off for you.  You wind up owning a property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with little or no investment.  Sounds good, huh?!

If you are interested in the opportunity to work with me personally and learn how to finally be successful in real estate investing, fill out the form below.  By doing so you will receive a personal call from me, one on one, to explore the possibility of working together and learn how to overcome what’s been holding you back.

To Your Success!   Chuck Congdon

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